June 8, 12:07

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June 8, 2018

Row is successfully underway.

Been pretty cold (especially in the evenings), but the winds have been worse. While they are helping to drive us south, we are fighting to the boat going west - it takes about 3 hours to get 1 minute of longitude.

The water is choppy, but slowing in intensity (a little more time between waves and significantly less white caps/breaking waves). Neither Brian nor Mike have any sea sickness, though. We managed to play the Star Spangled Banner when we were announced in the parade. The start line was frustrating as it was between an anchored buoy and a moving sailboat, but it appears we were lined up well enough to start. The 4-person boats took a quick jump on us (the 4-women boat has three spots to row in!), but we had a good start regardless. Been very cold so far - wind only makes it colder. We lost sight of land last night. Hopefully the next land we see will be a Hawaiian island!

Thanks to everyone for their love and support (and it appears the ‘stros are 2-0 since we’ve been at sea!) -Mike

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